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Downloadable Test Bank for 1st Edition Garrett

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Available Instructor TEST BANK for 1st Edition Garrett INSTANT DOWNLOAD Digital files

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Downloadable Test Bank for 1st Edition Garrett
Available Instructor TEST BANK for 1st Edition Garrett INSTANT DOWNLOAD Digital files


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Table of Contents

1. Chemistry Is The Logic Of Biological Phenomena.
2. Water: The Medium Of Life.
3. Thermodynamics Of Biological Systems.
4. Amino Acids And Polypeptides.
5. Proteins: Secondary, Tertiary, And Quaternary Structure.
6. Lipids, Membranes, And Transport.
7. Carbohydrates And Cell Surfaces.
8. Nucleotides And Nucleic Acids.
9. Recombinant Dna: Cloning And Creation Of Chimeric Genes.
10. Enzymes: Their Kinetics, Specificity, And Regulation.
11. Mechanisms Of Enzyme Action.
12. Proteins Of The Blood.
13. Molecular Motors.
14. The Organization Of Metabolism.
15. Glycolysis.
16. The Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle.
17. Electron Transport And Oxidative Phosphorylation.
18. Photosynthesis.
19. Gluconeogenesis, Glycogen Metabolism, And The Pentose Phosphate Pathway.
20. Lipid Metabolism.
21. Amino Acid And Nucleotide Metabolism.
22. Metabolic Integration And Organ Specialization.
23. Dna: Replication, Recombination, And Repair.
24. Transcription And The Regulation Of Gene Expression.
25. Protein Synthesis And Degradation.
26. Signal Transduction: The Relay Of Metabolic And Environmental Information.

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